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Our services & Facilities at Greenside Care Club

Under 8's



Our under 8’s room cares for children ages 3-7 years.

The room is set up to meet the varying ages and needs of the children. The environment plays a key role in children’s development and learning. Room 1 is set up to meet the requirements of the Early Years foundation stage, and promotes independence through self-selection and age appropriate equipment. Provision in the room includes sand and water, role play, computers, creative and sensory play.

Room 1 opens up on to a large enclosed outdoor area, which incorporates a grassed area, a large paved area and a canopy area, for all year access. Due to the free flow access of the setting, children have the freedom to choose to play inside or outside as they wish.

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8's and over



Our over 8’s room cares for children ages 8-11 years.

This room provides a fun, relaxing environment where children have the freedom to access a wide range of resources.

The room is zoned into different areas to provide for the children’s varying needs. They include a chill out area, an ICT area, a creation station and a games area. Children’s opinion and suggestions play an important part in the ongoing development of the room. The children input into the ‘Golden rules’, resources and equipment needed and support staffing in the planning of activities.

Room 2 opens up on to the school field and a tarmac area, providing the children with good outdoor space all year round.

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Wraparound care

‘Wraparound care’ is defined as a childcare facility intended to help working parents, in which young children are looked after before / after school or around a child’s early years education entitlement.

Our setting provides extended provision for children who attend the preschool session. Children who attend the preschool session can increase their attendance hours by using the before and after school provision to provide full day care 7.30am – 6pm.

The wrap around care provides a seamless transition from one session to another, within the same setting.


The Preschool provides term time care (38 weeks) for children aged 3-4 years old, between the hours of 8.45-3 pm. Every 3-4 year old child is entitled to receive 15 hours free early years education/childcare, the term after they turn 3 years old. At the Preschool there is also the option to increase attendance hours either by paying for additional hours or by meeting the eligibility criteria for the additional 15 hours extended free entitlement.


Provision for the development and learning of children from birth to 5 years is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is a play based curriculum that allows children to explore, learn and develop in a safe and secure environment.

Planning is very organic and a fluid approach is adopted by the staff team to ensure children are stimulated in their learning and development at all times. The staff team value children’s ideas and views, therefore activities are planned in response to the children’s currents interests to keep them motivated and build their self-esteem.

The Preschool offers a high ratio of adult to child supervision. We operate at 1 adult to 5 children ratio. This allows for us to give time and attention to each child, talk with the children about their interests and activities, help each child to experience and benefit from the activities we provide and allow them to explore and be adventurous in safety.

Key Person

Our setting uses a key person approach. This means that each member of staff has a group of children for whom they are particularly responsible. Your child's key person will be the person who works with you to make sure that what we provide is right for your child's particular needs and interests. Your child’s key person will help your child to settle in to the setting and will support them throughout their time at the Preschool. To ensure continuity of care for our children, all staff within the Preschool form strong relationships with the children and are fully aware of each child’s individual needs and interests.

Learning journey

While at the Preschool your child will have a learning journey that details their learning and development. This is an electronic journal that provides you with a continuous insight into your child’s daily experiences. At the end of your child’s time at Preschool we will give you a paper copy for you to keep as a memory of your child’s time and experiences at the setting.

Out of school club

The out of school club session provides before and after school care for the children who attend Greenside Primary school. The before school session runs from 7.30am until the start of the school day at 8.50am and from the end of the school day 3.15pm until 6pm.

At the before school session, children are provided with a healthy, substantial breakfast, comprising of various cereals, toast, crumpets, yogurts and fruit. Children are taken up to school by the care club staff and taken into the main school building.

The reception children are taken into the class room by their key person who supports them with the routine and shares any required information with their class teacher. All other year groups are supervised to their designated areas.

At the after school club session, children are collected from their designated areas. Reception children are collected from their class room by their key person and supported with the end of day routine. Your child’s key person liaises with the class teacher to ensure any relevant information is shared and cascaded on.

A healthy snack is served at the start of the session, this varies daily from wraps and salad, pasta, sandwiches and soup. Fruit and water is available throughout the session for children to access freely.

We support school and our parents with extra curricula activities. This ranges from music clubs, sport clubs and the school disco. Our staff will take and collect your child from the school for these activities.

Holiday Play Scheme

The holiday play scheme provides care during the holidays for children ages 3-11 years. We operate the play scheme in line with Greenside Primary Schools holidays and their teacher Training days.

The play scheme is open to children who attend our Care Club (Preschool and out of school club sessions), Greenside Primary school and other children in the area that require childcare during the holidays.

The operating hours during the play scheme are 7.30am-6.00pm, with options of either half day’s care (7.30am-1.00pm or 1.00pm-6.00pm) or full days. A healthy breakfast and an afternoon snack are provided by the setting.

The play scheme provides age appropriate fun activities in a safe and secure environment. The management team plan themed days, such as "Water fun", "Funfair activities" and "team games" while also taking into account the children’s interests and current topics. During the summer play scheme we enhance our provision by having external workshops visit the setting, these include minibeast experts, circus skills and sport/dance instructors.

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